Nails: Navy Blue

I have to admit, I've been addicted to these nail tattoos the past few weeks. Been using them for almost a month now. It looks simple and neat. Yeah well, you can see it's a bit messy though (photo). But I cleaned it afterwards. I was just so excited to snap a photo and there! :D

I used this new product my bestie and I saw and it's surprisingly good in terms of the texture and quality. It's called Color Trends by Chic

A minute after you apply it, it's dry already. And I like the texture because it's smooth like the Revlon nail enamel. It's also cheap. We got this for only P19.00. Like, really! You can actually buy anything under P20! :D

This time, I think navy blue suits me. It's cool and kinda looks neutral. I mean, to what I feel. because it doesn't look too flashy or dull. Just the right color for the week. 

Yet again, this is a late blog post. I posted this on my Instagram account March 15. Please do heart and follow. :D



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