About Me

Hello there! It's me Elainney.

I'm a part time blogger currently residing at Laguna, Philippines.

I am a graduate of AB Communication Arts from De La Salle University - Lipa, Class of 2012. Right now, I am taking my second degree--full-time BS Architecture (expected graduation 2018).

I am usually a random person. But sometimes, I--too--can become a wild child. I have this sickness called "love bipolar". I know it's crazy, right?

I adore cats so much that I adopted four! Imagine my house with little monsters trying to ruin everything. Oh, but I love them. Haha!

Well apart from all that, I am also the girl who is always haggard. Period.

I usually--yes, usually--have long hair but from time to time, I cut it short too.

I have nothing else to say about myself except that I'm honestly honest most of the time.

Thank you for dropping by! Leave a comment, if you must! 



  1. i really like your blog! keep it up girl! :)


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