Review: Sparkle InstaGlam Doll Eyes Contact Lens

Hey guys, how's it going? I know I've gone hiatus for such a long time. I have been very busy with my academics especially now that I'm on Design 8. Architecture is killing me.

Anyway, so today I decided to review an online purchase which I'm starting to love--Sparkle InstaGlam Doll Eyes Contact Lens in #QueenBae - Brown.

I actually bought this from The Style Factory's Shopee account because I took advantage of their free shipping promo at that time.

I made an order on February 28 and got the item on March 4. I know it took so long because they were tied up with Black Arrow Express which has a slower process than the usual LBC Integrated in Shopee's free shipping promo. The shop offers Cash on Delivery (COD) as well so it's much easier and less hassle compared to bank transfers or remittances.

The item was nicely packed in a bubble wrap along with the free contact lens case
Unfortunately, they do not sell graded lens. I also do not recommend you guys who wear glasses to opt for a colored lens if you have an astigmatism. It won't fit perfectly based from experience which happened to me last year at Executive Optical (EO).

Make sure that the vial is sealed with aluminum before opening to see if it was tampered. Do not ever a contact lens that has a tampered packaging because as we all know, you might get an infection. Also check if the expiration date is at least 1 year from the current year.

The diameter indicated in the vial was 15mm. This was actually bigger than what I usually buy at EO  that has 14-14.5mm. Below, you can see the difference of the two contact lenses. It's actually nice though because it would give me a new kind of look. So much for that famous Korean vibe. Haha!

#QueenBae - Brown when worn (no filter)

FlexWear Illusions II in Sandalwood (EO variant) - (no filter)

What I like: I got it cheap, it makes my eyes bigger, and it's really vibrant.
What I don't like: When you pull the seal, sometimes, it would break and it would be really hard to take off without getting cut.
Would I wear it? Of course! No more side comments about that.
Would I recommend it to fellow contact lens users? Yes, definitely! Go get yourself one too.

Price: I bought it for only Php160.00 and it's ORIGINAL. I checked Sparkle Contact Lens Facebook Page to verify.

The item is good for 1 year so that's more than enough for a cheap price.

If you guys want to purchase your own, you can check out the information below:

Hope you like this review and comment below if you any questions about this product.



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