Review: Pil'aten Blackhead Pore Strip

Hey guys! So recently I got curious about this blackhead remover which I have been seeing on Facebook and some online shops on Instagram.

I decided to give it a try today to see if my usual blackhead remover can be replaced by this thing called Pil'aten Blackhead Pore Strip.

Pil'aten Blackhead Pore Strip (6g)

I can't really read what's written on the packaging except for the instructions that says:
After cleansing, apply it evenly onto blackheads and wait about 30 minutes before tearing it off.

Other than that, you can also see that each pack contains 6g that is probably good for 2 uses (in my case). Sooo, I took the liberty to check the website written on the back which you can see at the lower left part of the pack.

It says there that the product has mineral mud that removes blackhead, prevents acne and minimizes pores. 

Pil'aten actually smells nice and reminds me of my old shampoo. The only thing I do not like about this product is that the substance is too sloppy. The next thing I know is that it's pouring down on my fingers (didn't opt to use brush for this). I was thinking maybe the mineral mud made it sloppy or whatever.

Anyway, it's really shiny and unlike the one I usually use, it doesn't harden much and I can still control the movement in face.

Excuse my bare face. You see, I had to wash off the makeup and everything.

I applied the strip mainly on my nose (of course) and at the sides too. Even if it has dried up already, you'll see that it's still shiny. Removal was really easy because unlike the one I usually use, I would tear up a little bit because it's somewhat painful. But this one, uh-uh. Nope. Easy as 1, 2, 3. I kinda felt like it doesn't really got my blackheads out because even if I peeled it off slowly, there's not much of it. Or probably, I don't have much. LOL

On the brighter side, you will instantly feel like your skin has soften a bit. And compared to its current state, I must say that it took effect but just a little bit in my case.

Not much of a big deal

Well, you could say that I'm not really that satisfied with this product except that it's really cheap. On their website, it sells for ¥5.00 while online stores sell it for around Php 5.00-15.00. Oh, I got mine for Php 7.00 each.

Overall, I think I would still stick to my current blackhead remover. It hardens like a rock and when you pull it off, it really gets the most of it. Plus, it leaves your skin whiter. 

Beauty Fix Nose Pack

I don't have a new pack yet but this is what I would recommend over Pil'aten. It's also cheap which of course I forgot how much but it's like Php 35.00 below. I will do a review about this one some other time. I guess I would have to buy a new one for that. It's available in all Watson's and some supermarkets too.

I got my Pil'aten from The Style Factory's Physical Shop in Parian, Calamba City, Laguna. You can order at their Facebook or Shopee account too.

Well, I guess that sums up everything. I hope you like this review and comment below if you have stuff to ask. Ty.



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