Bro's Graduation Day

After years of studying! March 26, 2013--finally, my brother is an official graduate of Computer Engineering from Colegio San Juan de Letran - Calamba. It has been so many years (or not) since he first entered college. I know engineering can be hard and I don't blame him. It took him a while before he surpassed everything. 

 I know it has been tough but thank God he made it. Well, actually he graduated October 25th last year. I know you're guessing it right. They had to graduation rites on October so he had to wait until March. That's okay though. At least, he still went up the stage to get his diploma. 

Too bad our parents were really late so my sister, Aika and I had to accompany him all the time before the rest of them arrive.

It was so crazy and unbelievable that they had to be late at this event. They've been really busy and we can't do anything about it. Business first. Which is why we can't go on trips all together. Boo!
Anyway, back to the story. The graduation was held in Letran as well. It was in the open field under the scorching heat. 

Like really, we were sweating like crazy. I didn't know it would be that hot so I left my umbrella at home. I only had two foldable fans with me and used it instead.

The program started 4pm so yep, the sun is still up. It's summer, what do I expect? Ugh. 

After an hour and a half, my other two sisters arrived just in time the sun is almost down. Dusk, for short. And still no sign of our parents. 

I think my mom arrived 6:30pm and my dad 1 hour before it ended.

And after hours of listening to the rites... Here it is! The most awaited diploma ever.

Congratulations to you Kuya! Finally, finally, finally! You are now a certified Computer Engineer.

We can't help but take a photo with him. Or not. I guess our parents forced us to actually do it. Lol

That's okay. My sisters love taking photos. In fact, they're all over our cameras and cell phones. Strike a post and there!

From the left is my sister Angelinne, me, Aika, our brother, mom, and Eliza. Our dad took the photo since we don't know anybody there. Tough luck.

And the photo below, that's our parents right there. I was actually the one who suggested that they should stand there in front of the stage. I was bitter because I wasn't able to do this last year in my graduation. Haha, that's okay. I think I'm over it now. Yeah, just now.

The program ended around 9pm. We were all haggard and tired and hungry. Honestly, I was already in a bad mood. Thank God I  took the white Maltesers before we go and I had my dessert.

After the graduation, we just went to eat dinner at RSM, Bacnotan. It was almost 10pm already. I didn't care to choose a restaurant we could eat in because I am so damn tired. All I wanted to do was eat and then sleep. 

I am such a pig, I know.

And..yeah. That's it. :D



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