REVIEW: Vitapack Megawhite

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I had recently finished taking Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack and now I'm on to the next one. Once again, I would've never discover this product if I haven't read Ms. Kat of Kikay Si Kat (which I did randomly again haha).

First things first, Vitapack Megawhite is much more expensive than the Beauty Pack because as you can see, it is purely 2 capsules of 250mg (each) glutathione inside

One pack would cost you Php95.00 per day or simply Php950.00 per box. I bought mine at Watson's. I'm pretty sure other leading drugstores has this too (over the counter).

The good news about this product is that I really, really, really, really, like it. It is effective like magic. Okay so, moving on, for the first 5 days, I've seen results. It made my skin glow and it did lighten a bit. I'm quite impressed because taking 500mg of glutathione per day really made a big difference.

same room, same lighting
My friends noticed that I'm blooming with this glowing aura too. I know, I was surprised because seeing myself in the mirror everyday wasn't helping me notice at all. I would definitely continue using this if it wasn't too expensive for me. It sucks being a student. I usually buy it weekly so it wouldn't hurt my pocket too much. Haha

The only bad news I experienced about this product is that I just eat a lot all the time. I suddenly had this big appetite and I eat every food I see. Believe me, I'm like someone who doesn't get full at all (thank God I don't get fat that easily). It's not really a bad bad thing but if you're on a diet... oh forget about your diet. 

One time, we were on this certain event that my sister noticed my pigging out. She said I already ate a handful of pasta, 3 packs of sandwich, and chocolates yet I'm not even done eating. Haha! Trust me, I'm not usually like that.

With regards to pimples and acne, I think it made my skin clear because my pimples were unusually not there when it has always been (genes).

Visit Vitapack's page for more info.

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