OOTD: 02.27.13

Hi guyth! So um, I decided to post my look today and blog about it--obviously. Hehe. :D

After rummaging my closet for almost two hours yesterday, this is what I decided to wear. Oh, the cons of having a school without a uniform. I know the sun is out but our classrooms are always in a low temperature so I decided to wear my cardigan. Casual look that I'm allowed to wear at school. Ugh, I can't even wear my dresses! What a waste. :|

A brown fedora hat, black & brown bag, Korean leopard flats, some accessories, black denim pants, black sleeveless top over a black and white cardigan (all these three I just bought at Landmark). Basically, I'm all black and brown today. Who says I can't mixed them together? (I didn't include the brand names. Doesn't matter.)



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