Weekend at SG

Hey everyone! It's me again. I know it's super late but I just wanna share to you my weekend at Singapore last June 2016.

The trip was actually booked for my birthday, just like last year but it was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, I made it advanced just in time also celebrate Father's Day with my family.

Since we were only there for 3 days and 2 nights, we made it somehow memorable. I mean, we can always come back since my cousin lives there for good. I would love to live there. The only thing that would probably stop me is the cost of food, transportation, and living.


After checking-in at our hotel, Fragance Hotel - Pearl located at Lorong 14, Geylang, we went straight ahead to the nearest mall. The staff and their facilities are really nice but they don't offer breakfast or any meals.

Fragrance Hotel - Pearl

This is where my GrabCar app became handy. It was so easy and hassle free. Plus, it's really cheaper than the taxis in the stands and can pick us up almost anywhere. Most of the drivers will actually be your tour guide along the way. They are very sociable but not all of them though.

The nearest we saw on Google was Kallang Wave Mall. From the corner of our street, we can actually see where it was becuase it was just beside the National Stadium that looks like a giant turtle to me.

National Stadium

Behind it would be the mall and we paid 4-5 SGD for the ride. It was cheapest since it's not that far from the hotel as I've mentioned. 

We had lunch in a Chinese restaurant (I forgot the name though) and paid 100+SGD for the meal. We were 7 in the family. It just right however, if you will convert that in PHP, it's really really expensive for only a couple of meals.

in front of Kallang Wave Mall

After eating, we got bored since it's not that big but it offers activities like indoor wall climbing located in the center. They also have stores such as Nike, Forever 21, Cotton On, and H&M.

So yet again, we booked two cars (can't fit 7, van or SUVs are way expensive) and went to VivoCity.

my sisters and I inside VivoCity

This time, we almost got lost since it's big enough to get really lost. It also has a connecting ways to another shopping mall which is the HarbourFront Centre. At that time, it was pouring hard so we decided to go shopping for a while. 

I was even able to buy a white low-cut Chuck Taylor sneakers for only 49 SGD. It was on sale! I wouldn't miss that opportunity. I also bought sim cards there because Wi-Fi connections are sometimes protected with passwords. 

shopping at Lacoste


All of us got up really early to find something to eat but we failed to do so since the restaurants nearby are Indian or Thai delicacies which my family doesn't really like much. We also skipped our planned half-day city tour and went to Sentosa right away.

Our itineraries that day:
Universal Studios Tour
Have our photo taken at Merlion Park
Visit Marina Bay Sands
Use the Helix Footbridge
See Singapore Flyer
Shop souvenirs at Bugis Junction

First off, we went early to buy tickets at the Universal Studios. The park opens at 10am so we made sure we come early because one of our GrabCar drivers told us the line can become really long. Not to mention, it was Saturday that day.

in front of Candylicious

The good thing about coming there early is that we took a lot of photos with less people around. So pretty much, we were able to have shots from all the angles. Haha! You can view more on my Facebook album.

View more photos on my Facebook album!

A little after 3pm, we decided to move on to our next destination which is the Merlion Park. We were in a hurry because at that time, it looks like it was gonna pour. It was so cloudy but thankfully, it didn't.

As usual, it was certainly a tourist spot and you could see a lot of people taking photos with the Merlion as their background. I, myself, am one of those people. Haha!

Merlion Park

After taking tons of photos in Merlion Park, we decided to walk over to the Helix Bridge. It was a really long walk though, so I suggest you wear comfy shoes.

The Esplanade
Hokkaido Melon Ice Cream
Helix Bridge
Singapore Flyer

Although it was a really long walk, it was still worth it because we were able to see a lot of notable structures around. At the end of the bridge, we decided to go in The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands. Once again, another shopping mall. I have never been to so many malls in my life in just three days! Haha! Sure thing it was an achievement for me because I haven't even done that in Manila or anywhere near Laguna.

The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands
My sister and I while waiting for our ride. The Marina Bay Sands
 just in front of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.
Our didn't just end there. After having a little snack inside, of course, we did stroll and find some stuff to buy too. Then we booked a car and went to Bugis Street. I've heard from my sister that this is like the famous souvenir center for tourists. At that time, we arrived at around 6pm already.

 There are still a lot of people around shopping but good thing we were able to squeeze ourselves in inside the center that looks like a little Divisoria but a little civilized.

 Bugis Junction
inside the building with Bugis Street signage

We were able to bargain with store sellers and got really good deals for our pasalubongs. In here, you will be able to find almost any kind of souvenirs. From magnets to t-shirts. You can almost name them all. 

And with that, we decided to end our day and went back to our hotel.


Our last day in Singapore! I know, I don't wanna go back yet but I have a lot of responsibilities and my cats are waiting for me.

So to start off the day, we went to the church to thank the Lord for another day. We attended Sunday Mass at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace which is 5 minutes away from the hotel.

inside the Church

Afterwards, we called a cab and went to Gardens By The Bay right away even without having breakfast. Well, we knew there will be food chains nearby so we went anyway.

Bay South

Upon entering the Gardens, you will easily spot the Supertree Grove. Admission is free except for those who wants to go inside the Cooled Conservatories. 

Cloudy Supertree Grove

Well, as you can see it was a little bit cloudy when we got there. However, it didn't stop us from exploring the area even if we had limited time. There are a lot of different gardens inside which you can stay and enjoy before heading to the next one.

Of all the areas, I was fascinated more with the Cactus Garden. I have never seen so many species of Cactus ever. It's like I wanna bring some home if I could. Haha! It's crazy and very impossible though.

Cactus! :D

Just sightseeing hehe

The whole experience was really something. By far, this is my favorite part among the gardens. Anyway, we walked around and saw other different gardens. Since we don't have enough time, we just took a picture and go on to the next one.

I was looking forward to going inside one of the cooled conservatories but, we didn't since we had to go early.

#talikodgenic LOL


Somehow, we managed to explore more than half of the facilities and took good photos of them.
After our short trip here, we went back to the hotel to get our stuff. The shuttle waiting outside transferred us shortly to the airport together with the other guests.

So I guess that sums up our Weekend at Singapore trip. We'll definitely come back again soonest!



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