Palawan Side Trip

Hello everyone! Sorry about this super late post but I'll share it anyway. Haha!

I actually went to Palawan last summer to attend UAPSA's First International Congress. It was really just a side trip and I didn't prepare much for it. I had to attend because a lot of people from my class are coming and hey! It's out of town too!

So alongside with my final exams, I was still able to go back on time and took it.

I don't really have much photos and I wasn't able to go to the Underground River. Maybe next time. However, I was able to go to Honda Bay Islands and dipped myself for like an hour and then went back to the city. Everything was so spontaneous. 

Now, about this photo: taken at Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa
I wore a simple, monochrome outfit because we had a lot of activities that day.

I made a video of my trip though, but YouTube took down the audio but you can still watch it.

Thanks again for dropping by!



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