UPDATED: PH338 Glutathione

Hello everyone!

Here I am again with my new addiction: Glutathione. Haha! So I finally got my hands on one of the most coveted glutathiones in the Philippines!

As you can see, I have only taken it today so there would be no visible results yet. However, I will soon update this post once I have finished taking all the 90 tabs I have here. That would be after 29 days from now.

Rest assured though that I will provide a before and after photo of my natural baluga skin and the result. Haha!

I have read a lot of positive and negative reviews about this product all over the internet. I might as well give it a shot and see if it will work on me. Of course, I have my fingers crossed on this one. ;)

At first, I was actually dismayed because of the low content on each tabs. They only have 100mg per tab and you have to take it thrice a day.

> 1 PH338 tab + 1 500mg Vitamin C: 30 minutes after breakfast
> 2 PH338 tabs + 1 500mg Vitamin C: Before bed time

They say it has a pure content and has the most potent glutathione that works like magic. With regards to taking with Ascorbic Acids or Sodium Ascorbates, they say it will have better results than taking none at all.

I will have to see it for myself too. Ms. Kat of Kikay Si Kat blog also started on this product. I hope it doesn't give me a nasty breakout though. But really, she said it is very effective in whitening. I really do hope it works on me too. 

Come back and read my update soon! :D



After a month of using it, I saw no notable changes in my skin at all. 

It did clear some of my occasional pimples but my skin color/tone remains the same though. 

(Will try to find the before and after photos in my old phone. I still need to have it repaired. LOL) 



  1. ph338 gave me cystic acne but it is effective in whitening. my mom and sis noticed that i was more "pusyaw" unlike bfore

    1. I hope it doesn't give me acne. That would be really really bad. Thanks for sharing your experience sis :)

  2. Can't wait for your update! -kate

    1. Thanks for reading! Will update as soon as I'm done with my 30-day pill :)

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