Forever 21 SM Southmall Experience

Finally! After years of waiting, Forever 21 has finally invaded the south! 

I wasn't actually there on the opening day because I had a class so I just went yesterday to finally check it out. Oh you know, I'm also joining the hype. Haha! It's just, everytime I'm near F21, I can't stop myself from rummaging their shelves. Like, even if I'm broke, I just suddenly had money whenever I'm near this shop. I can't help myself because I really do love their collection.

Before entering the shop, I thought to myself: "Oh, it's a Tuesday. I get to invade F21 alone.". What happened was exactly the opposite. Girls and their boyfriends filled every corner inside (the sale items). So I, myself, went somewhere where very few are browsing in. I didn't actually joined the hunt of a good outfit because I only need the basics. Again, I'm broke so I have allotted a budget of only Php1,000.00 for it. 

you know it when you see the yellow bag ;)
happy girl right here

The SM Southmall branch (Las Piñas City) was actually smaller than the other Forever 21 stores I had been to. It was somewhat disappointing (to me) because it made me think that everything I'm looking at inside is not everything yet compared to the other stores. It's like, their whole collection is not complete. Especially the shoes section. Believe me, it's too small. Like, only 1/4 of the one in Mall of Asia. I was gonna buy this certain boots but they had no stock already.

Nonetheless, I'm still gonna shop here. Hey! It's Forever 21. A girl cannot simply resist it.



  1. Haven't visited this branch yet but I really want to check this one too. Are there a lot of sale items? haha ;D

    1. I think there are maybe 3-4 shelves of sale items :)

  2. omg i have to go here!!



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