Momo the Cat

Wow, I haven't posted anything yet here again. I guess I was so busy I forgot that I actually have a blog. Well anyway, I would just like to share with you guys that I have a new pet now.

Unfortunately, my dearest cat Baba died on September 9, 2014--in my arms. Infection.

It was a nightmare. I treated him like my own and one moment he was gone. I asked God for another one though. However, I don't know if it's just a coincidence but on September 22, 2014, I found a kitten outside my house. It looks exactly like Baba so I took it in right away.

I named him Momo. He is a very playful and sociable cat. I already love him. Just like Baba, he has become my stress reliever too. 

But of course, no cat can ever replace him. I will always remember him.

Here is a picture of Momo. He sleeps inside my bedroom. I made a cardboard house for him but sometimes he likes to sleep beside me. If you're worried about him pooping around, guess what? He's potty trained already. :)

I just want to give him the best of everything. Pets don't care if you live in the slums or have a messy room. As long as you love and care for them, they will not ask for anything more.



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