Nails: Mojito Green

OMG - Oh. My. Golly. Nail Color

Please don't blame me for my boredom. I decided to paint my nails again after 2 months of having pale nails. This was actually a nail polish I found at a department store in Calamba City. It was pretty cheap because I bought it for only P20.00.

So yeah, anyway, as I was saying, the texture is really nice because of its full gloss. It's very easy to apply since the consistency of the nail polish is quite sloppy or watery. But, it won't take you long before it dries out because I let mine dry for only 5 or more minutes and it's done.

OMG - Oh. My. Golly. Matte Potion

Once the polish was dry, I decided to apply the other polish I found there too. It was a matte coat. What I did not like about this one is that when I applied it, the consistency is really thick and dries out easily. Means, I need to dip it again on the bottle leaving my nails uneven and rough. And yeah, I guess that's all I needed to say about this polish. :)

Anyway, I hope you guys like it. :D



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