Life of an Architecture Student

Finally made some time so save this blog from boredom. Hah.

So, lately if you've been wondering why I haven't updated my blog is because I was so busy with school works. I never thought doing and cramming on my plates would actually take a lot of time to finish. But, that's okay. I like what I do and I would never get bored doing it.

The term is almost over and that means new courses (subjects) are about to come through again. So far, I really learned a lot. My drawing skills improved considering that I don't have any talent on this one. But hey, anyone can learn.

From basic lines to orthographic drawings to isometric projections to plan making and designing.. Hmm. What else did I missed? Ah!  Freehand sketching and color rendering. Yeah, I think that's it. Some people would actually say it's all easy but it's not.

You need time and a lot of effort on this one. Like for instance, if you're gonna do something, why settle for something easy to do but so fucking ugly right? Yeah well, anyway. It's also expensive to pursue this program because all you do is buy drawing materials from time to time. S'okay. I'm sponsored. Haha ;)

Maybe one time I could post my plates here. I mean, as soon as my instructor returns my portfolio, that is.

One more thing, handbags are okay to use as long as your things fit right there. You would be surprised to see that it's not only pencils and triangles. That means, you will have to find a more fashionable way to use if you are a trendsetter. As for myself, I always try to use big shoulder bags so I could still look girly with all the stuff I carry (*T-square, tracing tube/canister).

So I guess this is the reason behind my busy schedule. Being a student again. Bummer. Haha



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