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Alright, so I'm officially promoting my best friend's online shop on Instagram. Yay! :D

Please do follow Scruffle Shop (@scruffleshop) and you could find fab preloved and brand new clothes personally handpicked by her.

Most of the items are branded and some are even imported. The preloved items are worn only once or twice and it's still in a very good condition. Some are not even worn yet because it didn't fit her so she just placed in on sale under the brand new section.

Prices? Very, I repeat, VERY affordable. Where else could you find a dress for as low ad Php 150.00? Um, yes. At Scruffle Shop, they have a wide range of choices depending on the item you would love to purchase.

You could pay them through bank or whichever you prefer. Ships nationwide and open for meet ups at certain locations too.

The shop was also the one who sponsored the Forever 21 little black dress on Psychology of Rainy's 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway.

So. Yeah. I guess that's it. You just have to trust me, I've seen all the clothes and I would love to have them all. :D

Follow @scruffleshop on Instagram



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