OOTD: 03.04.13

(low res)

Hi y'all. I'm bored. Again, I decided to post my look today. Nothing much about what I wore today. Usual casual outfit. Hehe, I wore a navy blue hoodie, black V-neck tee, faded jeans, Keds sneakers, and some accessories. I had my Jansport backpack with me too but I didn't include it in the photo.

When I woke up 5am today, it was actually cold. I didn't even switched on the ac so I said maybe I could wear something comfortable today. Regardless of the fashion blah blahs. And what I really like about wearing clothes like these is that I can easily move around without thinking about how it would look awkward with wardrobe malfunction. 

Alright, about the photo, it was low resolution because I forgot to change the setting to at least 5mp. I know, so stupid. I have three cameras I use and today I used my Sony digital camera. It was too late when I saw the picture set in VGA. Ugh, I know right.

Anyway, that's it. Thanks for reading. :D



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