Nails: Frosted Cherry Bomb

Out of boredom, I decided to do my nails earlier. I opted for a Frosted Cherry Bomb nail polish because I wanted a hot pink color and I only got this CARONIA one so I used it. As you can see, it's kind of messy. Hehe, don't expect me to be a pro. I don't usually do this y'know. I think I'm good at 3D nail art. ;)

Alright, so I only painted the tips because I don't want my nails to be that flashy. The color is vibrant and super girly.

I added some dots to at least make it a little bit nicer. Oh, and I used a clear coat before anything else and a top coat afterwards. I was gonna use a quick-dry oil but after a few minutes, it's actually dry already.

Maybe this week, I'll try to do something else with a lot of embellishments in it. 

That means, it requires time and patience. Hmm, let's see if have those. Yeah, well. I'll still do it anyway. Haha. :D



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