February 14, 2013: Grandma's 96th Birthday

Today's my grandmother's 96th birthday. Thank God she's lucky she reached that age. I mean, these days? I don't think we'll ever survive that long but I'm hoping I would though.

But there will always be a sad part of her life y'know. She actually lives with us. She's my father's mother. She has seven children; 3 males and 4 females. None of the females would ever want to take care of their mother just because she's being too stubborn or sometimes, importunate.

It's my mom and a caregiver we hired who takes care of her. I mean, really? You wouldn't even want to take care of her after everything she has done for you? 

I know sometimes I hate my mom but I wouldn't let my brother's wife to take care of her. It's like she slapped me in the face like I can't even serve my own to let her live like that. I still love my mom though.

So yea, we'll have the celebration on Saturday (February 16, 2013) at Nueva Ecija. That's where she lived back then. It is now my uncle's home.

Happy 96th birthday Inang! 

On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you for everything. I know you haven't done much for us unlike what you did for your other children but that's okay. We still love you. It just breaks my heart to think that none of your children whom you took care of before, served before, did their laundry, cooked for them etc. doesn't even want to take care of you.

I know they are so ungrateful of everything you've ever did but don't worry, it will all come back to them. Let's see if they would ever reach your age. I doubt that.

I love you Inang. Thank you for giving birth to my father. :D

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