Nails: 3D Nail Art

This is the second time I tried using the 3D nail art. The last one I used was a goldish metallic one. 

(You guys can find it on my IG account: elainnecatalan. Please do follow me too!)

This time, I used something with a design in it. Flowers with some kind of glittery embellishment. And it's pale pink so I bought it. 

It's not as hard to apply compared to the Bling nails stickers because this one has a very hard surface. That means it can't be easily broken. All you need to do is: 1.) Make sure you know the measurement of your nails. 2.)  Cut it with scissors (it won't break, I promise. Unless you want to file it for 5 hours then go ahead) 3.) Add glue to the artificial nails and voila! You just have to paste it right there.

The first time I used this, it lasted for 2 weeks. If one nail goes off, just glue it back again. Unless you want to rip off all of them. Haha, that'll hurt. I tried it. 

3D nail art set costs for about P50-120 depending on the design you will buy. I just don't know how much it would cost you if it's in a nail salon though.

Surprisingly, I actually bought it from Kenko World. They have a lot of stuff and other trinkets to offer. 

I saw another one selling these kinds at Alabang. I just forgot the name. Lol



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